This special one day event is dedicated to improving risk awareness and raising money for charities supporting the victims of the war in Ukraine. We are very grateful to the amazing speakers who decided to share practical case studies on integrating risk management into decision making and quantitative risk analysis. All workshops are free to watch. Remember to donate to the charity of your choice. 

You can watch the workshops live or in replay on your phone, computer or tablet. More than 10000 participants watched RAW workshops over the last 3 years, don't miss this opportunity to upgrade your risk game. The workshops will be of value to decision makers and risk professionals alike.

Help children and families displaced by the crisis in Ukraine through World Vision International. Scan the QR code on the left or visit  https://www.wvi.org/emergencies/ukraine/donate-now, view the due diligence on the charity https://www.charitynavigator.org/ein/951922279 to donate with confidence. 

Meet some of the best RM2 practitioners in the world

We have carefully selected some of the best RM2 practitioners in the world to share their practical case studies, show model demonstrations, run Monte-Carlo simulations and apply decision quality frameworks.

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Invite your risk and non-risk colleagues.  

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